The Land of Love!

Henry Heart and his friends the Love Letters live in the Land of Love. It is a special place not too far from the very spot you are at right now.

Our Fans


#1 Fan
Sadie loves ice cream, stickers, and Henry Heart.


Aspiring artist.
La'el loves arts and crafts.


Coloring with Henry Heart.
Cassie loves playing outside, bath time, and coloring Henry Heart

What Parents Say

Henry Heart & The Love Letters are sweet and fun. Our children love the simple stories and silly characters.

Isabelle Goulard

Mother of 4-year old
Henry Heart & The Love Letters teach children that love, friendship and sharing are important.

Lola Hall

Mother of 2-year old
Henry Heart & The Love Letters show my children its okay to be different Karl and Evil X are a great example that things aren't always what they seem.

Olivia Taylor

Mother of 3-year old